Brokerage services


Felix Expedition&trade provides transport forwarding services

Freight forwarding is an invariable companion of customs clearance, which is a whole range of services related both to the physical movement of goods and to the fulfillment of a number of formalities that necessarily accompany international transportation of goods.

Do you know that customs clearance often does not begin at the moment when your cargo is waiting for the declaration at the terminal? It is not uncommon for cases where the customs border crossing point and the customs clearance point do not coincide, and the goods go to the customs clearance point under the customs transit procedure. And in order to properly arrange transit, it is necessary that the waybill and invoice be filled out without errors. In international transportation of goods, there are a number of, at first glance, small details that, if not carefully considered, can grow into an avalanche of problems. In order for everything to go smoothly, without unnecessary downtime and overpayments, you need freight forwarding. So who is the guardian angel who will safely guide you through all the logistical vicissitudes of international deliveries? We are the Felix Expedition&trade brokers.


Felix Expedition&trade - We will provide a full range of freight forwarding services by all modes of transport and in all main directions of cargo traffic, which, among other things, includes:

  • study of the route of cargo movement
  • delivery to the door to any point
  • marking in warehouses abroad
  • marking at the customs warehouse
  • consolidated shipments
  • multimodal departures (combinations of different modes of transport)
  • daily tracking and informing about the status of the cargo.

Main goals

The goal of your business in the implementation of international deliveries is to deliver the goods as quickly as possible at minimal cost. Our goal is to help you with this. To do this, during the implementation of each delivery, our specialists work out the following tasks:

  1. Receipt of an application for calculation. At this stage, we collect the necessary information about the cargo, its weight and dimensions, the place of shipment, the timing of the readiness of the cargo and other important information. Gathering information is important in order to offer a reasonable price for shipping.
  2. Registration of the application. This step consists in the legal registration of the will of the parties to conclude a transaction. With regular customers, among whom there are both small businesses and well-known large brands, which is a separate matter of our pride, we maintain permanent contacts, drawn up by long-term contracts for freight forwarding. Each individual application is an integral part of the contract, providing guarantees for the legal protection of your rights as a customer and our responsibility for the timing, budget and safety of the cargo.
  3. Assistance in the preparation of transport documentation. Depending on the route and the type of transport used, the corresponding types of bills of lading are filled out. Our specialists will definitely check the correctness of the bill of lading, as well as tell you what other shipping documents will be required for the international transportation of goods.
  4. Acceptance of cargo and execution of transportation. Terms and prices agreed. Documents have been completed. Go!
  5. Implementation of warehouse operations. Sometimes delivery is not carried out directly from the sender to the recipient. Storage, repacking, labeling and other actions may be required. The contractors engaged by us ensure the performance of these operations.
  6. Monitoring and informing. Our experts monitor all stages of the delivery of goods and regularly update the status of the order, which allows you to monitor the movement of goods in real time. If you have any questions, we are available for you 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. Closing the application. After the successful transportation of the goods, we will send you the closing documents that your accounting department will definitely need. We have established an electronic document management system with a number of our partners, which allows us to exchange documents as quickly and conveniently as possible.